At Barnes

Unleashing Your Potential at Barnes

As a global organization with a long history of innovation and achievement made possible by creative thinkers, Barnes Group values employee and career development. At Barnes, your skills and knowledge are supported, augmented, and rewarded through a robust structure for engaging and developing employees around the globe. We employ an integrative Talent Management System (TMS) to help us find the Right People, with the Right Skills, for the Right Jobs, at the Right Time! Could this be you?

We Seek a Wide Range of Experience

If you are looking for an opportunity to become part of an incredible team of professionals in a dynamic and rewarding environment, we invite you to apply online for one of our exciting career offerings. We have roles available for experienced professionals as well as those just starting their careers.

Are you a student? Learn more about Barnes Group’s undergraduate and apprenticeship opportunities!

Talent Management Connection

This automated tool provides employees access to our annual goals and objectives setting process as well as facilitates employee development and performance planning. Resources such as these are provided to employees and managers to leverage and align learning, development, and performance management to optimize growth, development, and success.

Barnes University

Our on-line platform provides specialized learning designed to support personal and career development in areas such as business skills, sales, people management, communication, and leadership.

Education Reimbursement

This program enables current, regular full-time employees to continue their formal education with financial reimbursement support for tuition, books, and fees.

Promoting from Within

We focus on developing our employees through a multitude of career advancement opportunities both within and outside their business or functional discipline.

Self-Empowered Mentoring Process

Mentoring supports many aspects of our Talent Management System. The Self-Empowered Mentoring Process provides a roadmap and toolkit to pair a mentee with the right mentor for both their personal and career development needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Barnes Group seeks to engage employees with the company and their respective communities as well. Each year, we continue to develop our company-wide Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by identifying and implementing ways we can benefit the environment and society.

BRAVO Reward and Recognition Program

While doing a great job is often thanks enough, we have several processes that acknowledge and reward the achievements of our employees. From annual merit processes to other special individual or team recognition awards, we aim to recognize the efforts and commitment of our employees every day.

Leadership and Career Development

We have structured career paths specifically designed for employees in our various business and disciplines. A range of development programs are also available to facilitate internal moves or encourage career progression at Barnes.