“What I like most about my job is the creativity involved in looking
for opportunities to solve problems for customers.  We actively engage
customers to find a need or a pain they might not have realized they have,
and we then see if we can come up with a cost-effective solution.”

Steve Reilly
Manager, Product Engineering
Hyson Products - A Business of Barnes Group Inc.

"The people at Barnes Group are optimistic.  We see things through the
eyes of innovation and celebrate our successes together, as a team.”

Lytia Watson
Human Resources Manager, West Chester OEM and MRO
Barnes Aerospace - A Business of Barnes Group Inc.

“My co-workers are empowered, engaged, and passionate about the
business.  I have found mentors at work who not only give advice, but
also advocate the work I am doing.”

Adrian Vine
Director, Applications Engineer
Associated Spring Raymond - A Business of Barnes Group Inc.

"The benefits at Barnes Group are endless, and I feel like there
are tremendous career opportunities for those who work hard here.”

Josephine Hasfal
Director, Tax Compliance
Barnes Group Inc.

Choose The Right Career Path For You

At Barnes Group Inc., there are no limits to your career path – only opportunities for success! We place a premium on performance, high standards, and the ability to get the job done. Barnes Group embraces enthusiasm, passion, collaboration, and ingenuity to drive success in everything we do. As as a part of Barnes Group, you’ll “B” Valued, “B” Rewarded, “B” a Leader, and “B” Balanced.  Check out some of the exciting career paths offered at Barnes Group locations across the world:

Business Development employees explore strategies and research potential acquisitions to support future growth. Through working with various functional areas, employees will gain broad exposure to all elements of running a highly successful company.

Sales and Marketing employees plan and execute strategies and tactics for our diverse products and markets. A career in this area will allow you to develop strategies for meeting the needs of existing and new customers in the changing marketplace.

Are you ready to solve challenging marketing problems and/or develop effective sales strategies? Working alongside business managers, our sales and marketing professionals create innovative solutions for customers while building value and loyalty for various products and services within each of our businesses.

Corporate Communications focuses on delivering relevant, consistent messaging to all company shareholders. You have the opportunity to develop internal and external communications, develop communication strategy and campaigns, leverage the latest communication channels and tools, and guide the organizations' communications activities, standards, and practices.

Barnes Group Inc. (BGI) is committed to being the best in protecting the health and safety of our employees, our neighbors, and the natural environment. A career in this field will provide the opportunity to work in partnership with BGI leaders to create and implement HSE policies, procedures, and systems that reflect our commitment to HSE excellence, as well as to develop your knowledge of operations. We are a long term business, and we are looking for people interested in long term, sustainable business practices.

Our engineers develop robust manufacturing processes and drive increased productivity through process improvements. This technical or management career path offers a variety of expertise or specialty in new product design and introduction, production support, programming, and repair development across multiple industries including aerospace, automotive, plastics, and industrial.

Continually meeting or exceeding the challenges that our customers provide us with is at the heart of a manufacturing career at Barnes. You will be responsible for maintaining the optimum balance between product performance scheduling and cost. Careers in this area are both challenging and rewarding.

Our global quality organization focuses on both establishing and maintaining strong quality management systems and assuring product and service quality. You will provide value in the upfront quality planning of the new product development process, help achieve quality control throughout the product lifecycle, and drive quality improvements in cross-functional teams to ensure our business remains competitive in the market.

A career in legal services may include a focus on contract administration, business development, compliance, import and export, and legal affairs. Our Legal professionals are important contributors to the business, often responsible for projects of significant scope and complexity.

This function is responsible for developing technology solutions for BGI businesses worldwide. As an information technology professional, you will partner with the business to provide services in design and upgrade of infrastructure and applications, cyber security, and general technical support.

The HR organization is primarily responsible for assuring that the business has the best talent to succeed in the marketplace. You can be assigned to benefits, talent development, and/or employee relations. As an HR staff member, you will be positioned to be a valued contributor to Barnes Group’s business success.

As a financial professional, you will be working alongside business managers generating, consolidating, documenting, and analyzing financial data used to summarize and measure operating effectiveness and profitability. You will advise management about actions to improve company performance, and develop and maintain appropriate internal controls.

BGI BES Practitioners lead productivity improvements to optimize process efficiency and effectiveness.  As a change agent, you will teach and coach associates to apply our standards, BES Enterprise methods, and tools to yield overall productivity improvements and mobilize the organization to drive continuous improvement as part of our day-to-day culture.

Whether in the role of a Division Manager of one of our Aerospace plants, or a General Manager of a P&L in Sweden, our general management team provides the valuable leadership, development of our associates, and employee and customer engagement that keeps Barnes Group growing.

Our supply chain management professionals improve the way we obtain the components we need for production and delivery to customers. As a supply chain management professional, you will work with our suppliers and channel partners to make strategic decisions for the business.

The Internal Audit (IA) team provides our stakeholders with reasonable assurance that internal controls over financial reporting are operating effectively and are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. IA drives effective risk management, fosters compliance, and identifies opportunities for enhanced efficiency and ensures value-added audits are conducted around the globe. Our IA team provides Barnes Group with top talent that feeds our Finance and Operations infrastructure while providing management with an assessment of the control environment throughout the organization; identifying potential cost savings and processing efficiencies within the enterprise; and participating in business development activities.

Our customer service organization is the key link between our customers and the business, putting product knowledge and sound business decisions to use to exceed customer satisfaction. Our customer service representatives have the opportunity to work across multiple functions and develop strong interpersonal and change management skills.

A career in Office Administration at Barnes Group will allow you to grow your organizational and planning skills while supporting the various business functions. You will use written and verbal skills to effectively communicate with all levels inside and outside the corporation.

Our Locations

Based on your talents and
our locations, we invite
you to make a career
connection! Barnes Group
is committed to providing
equal employment
opportunities to all
individuals, without regard
to race, gender, veteran
status, disability, and any
other category protected
by law.

Accolades & Awards

Shingo Prize

Barnes Group Inc.
receives one of world's
top awards for
operational excellence.


BGI Leadership

Barnes Group Inc. receives one of world's top awards for operational excellence.


Celebrating 160 Years

July 2017 - Barnes Group Inc. celebrates 160th anniversary by ringing NYSE closing bell!